Marketing Your Boat

Let Us Showcase Your Boat to the World

MarketingYour Boat

Professional Marketing:

We have over 20 years experience in advertising and marketing combined with many years in boat brokerage and sales. We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to advertising. We will listen to your needs and concerns and then work with you to design a customized marketing plan for your boat.

Advertising Media:

With an advertising background, the owners of Whiteaker Yacht Sales have a good handle on marketing your boat.  Various print publications are utilized but we put a very strong emphasis on internet advertising as this is where today’s buyer shops. In addition to our well established website, other sites and features include:, Enhanced Yacht World Advertisements,, The Yacht Market (A European based site), IYBA (International Yacht Brokers Assn.),,, and more. The list continues to grow and change constantly. If a buyer is interested in your boat, they will definitely know about it with our advertising efforts.

Pre-Sale Survey:

This is a great tool you can consider. It can be used to help you market your boat by advertising that a recent survey is available for review. It can also help you to make sure your boat is in top condition and insure the sale will go through after you have a purchase agreement with the buyer. We can help you find a good surveyor, assist with, and oversee the survey for you.

Free Evaluation:

Call us for an accurate evaluation of your boat and analysis of the current used boat market.

European Market

Presenting your Yacht to the World Market

In the current economic climate, more buyers from around the world are interested in purchasing yachts from the United States. In addition to all the U.S. sites, Whiteaker Yacht Sales places all their listings on European Websites. The most prominent of these is The Yacht Market. Also, Yacht World was recently purchased by a European based company so their reach is now more worldwide. We’ll increase your yacht’s exposure worldwide by reaching out to hundreds of buyers who now consider yachts from America to be great values.
For more information on selling your boat, see Yacht Selling Tips.