Yacht Selling Tips

Tips to Help Your Yacht Sell

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PRICE – Be realistic. Gone are the days when you just looked at the price that other sellers are getting for similar models. Every yacht is unique. We can help you determine a competitive price for your yacht. To attract maximum attention and speed up the sale, your yacht should be priced lower than your competition.

CONDITION – As with real estate, curb appeal is as crucial as what is inside. Keep your yacht neat and clean and in good repair at all times. Keep stainless polished and teak touched up. Down below, keep your yacht as spotless as possible. Be brutal when you de-clutter, and keep the air fresheners fresh. That first smell when you enter the living quarters is crucial.

INCENTIVES – Extras are big these days. So what can you do besides the usual? How about offering to pay for the survey. OR do a “Pre-Sale Survey” and address any issues discovered on the survey and be confident in advertising that your yacht is in top condition. Or how about offering something of value that sets you apart. It will give your marketing a different twist to draw attention. How about a month’s free dockage or provide a captain to take the yacht to its new port. Be willing to think outside the box.

THOROUGH INVENTORY LIST – Don’t overlook the little things on your yacht. These things can sometimes make a used yacht appealing to a used yacht buyer. Many used yacht buyers are inexperienced so give as much detail to your inventory list as possible. Also keep in mind that “new” yachts don’t come with all this equipment. A long list of additional equipment can often spur a new boat buyer to think twice about the decision to buy new or used.

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PHOTOS, PHOTOS, PHOTOS – Along with the photos your broker will take of your yacht, provide him with lots of good photos you already have. No one will make the trip to come see your yacht without first seeing photos. Be sure to include photos of the yacht in use. If it’s a sailboat, some nice photos of the vessel under sail are essential. Be aware that your broker will need both high resolution photos and low resolution photos for different advertising options.

BE HONEST – If your yacht has been in an accident or had major repairs, be upfront about it. These items are most likely going to come to light during the survey anyway. Every used yacht will have its share of dings. Hiding or ignoring these items will make a prospective buyer suspicious of bigger problems that may not exist.

GO THE EXTRA MILE – When possible make yourself available during showings of your yacht. If you aren’t available, appoint a neighbor or friend that you can trust. If your yacht is in the water, offer to take the potential buyer for a ride. Share stories of the experiences you’ve had on the yacht. Experiencing the yacht doing what it’s suppose to do and hearing about it’s history can get them emotionally involved and help them to fall in the love with it.