Buying & Selling Tips

sailboat on water

If you’re selling a yacht Whiteaker Yacht Sales will advertise your yacht in a wide array of sites and media locations both domestic and international. We have the tools to get the maximum exposure included in a multiple listing system, client databases, print advertising, internet advertising, co-brokerage potential and industry contacts. We can customize the advertising program to get the most attention for your yacht.

Our brokers are educated about the current market and how to price and market your yacht. They can recommend methods to make your yacht more presentable. Experience has taught them to be able to size up the buyer and determine whether he is a serious shopper looking to make a purchase now or someone with a long term dream.

We work at being good closers. We help resolve those unexpected things that almost always arise after a survey by either negotiating a price concession or helping you to coordinate and complete repair requests. Finally we try to make sure the closing process goes smoothly by coordinating all the paperwork, escrowing the funds, and distributing funds in a timely, reputable, and legal manner.

Buying a boat

If your goal is to purchase consider this…at any given moment there are thousands of yachts on the market. Where do you start tracking down that perfect one? We have an extensive database of yachts and because of our many contacts may even be able to find those not yet on the market. We can save you hours of search time allowing you the time to consider all options and make the best choice.

It is our job to keep up with the current market. We can advise you on where to start with your initial offer and will negotiate to get the best possible price. We can be the middle man thereby preserving the important post-purchase information-sharing relationship between buyer and seller.

Once you have negotiated a price we will escrow your deposit assuring you that it will be held in a secure manner and will be fully refundable if the deal is not completed. We will be there to help you through the entire survey process including interpreting the survey and making meaningful recommendations. And we will be a good resource for all facets of ownership including financing, insurance, dockage, captains, and shipping.

INCENTIVES – Extras are big these days. So what can you do besides the usual? How about offering to pay for the survey. OR do a “Pre-Sale Survey” and address any issues discovered on the survey and be confident in advertising that your yacht is in top condition. Or how about offering something of value that sets you apart. It will give your marketing a different twist to draw attention. How about a month’s free dockage or provide a captain to take the yacht to its new port. Be willing to think outside the box.

Whether selling or buying, our goal is to assure a smooth process with the end result being a stress free and profitable experience for both seller and buyer.