U.S. Coast Guard Boat Safety Checks

Have you had a Coast Guard safety check of your boat lately? It is a very good idea to do one from time to time. A vessel safety check is done as a courtesy and with no risk to the boater. You will not be in trouble if discrepancies are found. A safety check will point out, in a very friendly manner, where you can improve your boat’s safety and help you to keep your boat in a legal status. Having a vessel safety check done on your boat will help prevent dangerous things from happening and ensures that if something does happen, you will be prepared. If you are ever stopped by law enforcement or by the Coast Guard the fact that you have recently had a vessel safety check can help prevent tickets by ensuring that your boat meets federal, state, and local safety requirements. Inspectors will also check to make sure the boat is properly documented/titled and official numbers are properly displayed. It will show the officials that you are a responsible boat owner and that you are doing your best to follow the rules. To arrange a safety check contact your local Coast Guard Auxiliary or U.S. Power Squadron.