Single Side Band – Still One of the Cruising Sailor’s Best Friends

Why SSB Still Makes Sense to Today’s Cruisers. In this high tech world of cell phones, “smart phones”, Ipads, etc. it still makes sense for cruising sailors to have Single Side Band onboard. Cell phones are great for land lubbers and they do come in handy at sea but SSB is valuable for different reasons. Maybe one of the most important advantages to SSB is the safety issue. The SSB range can be many thousands of miles and you can broadcast to many people at one time. AND SSB may be more useful in countries that do not have advanced satellite phone systems established yet. A SSB DSC alert will broadcast an alarm out to every major vessel around. Think of it like the distress button on your VHF only with a much improved range. Not only does SSB give you added comfort for safety reasons but it is also good for weather alerts, gathering information about local events, the best local restaurants, cruiser’s networks, etc. It is a great tool to enhance your social networking if you are not yet within easy VHF range or to keep in touch with cruising companions who may be out of range of your VHF. With the proper equipment you can also have email contact with friends and family or get the latest world news. The uses really are endless. And once you have made the investment to purchase and install the equipment – the service is FREE so it becomes more widely used by more people. There will be a charge if you choose to have access to services like “Sailmail” but the cost is relatively low especially when you consider the very wide coverage area. Bottom line…SSB is still a great piece of equipment to have onboard. Not only will it give you a lot of confidence and peace of mind it will also greatly enhance your level of communication and ability to keep up with what is going on in the world. Why wouldn’t you continue to take advantage of this ‘old friend’ to sailors everywhere.