Island Packet 40


“We have dealt with other brokers in the past. Not all were fun to deal with. The Whiteakers are just human and understand what we, as purchasers, are going through. There is no pressure, no BS, no trying to sell you something that is not for you and especially no degrading of the other fine yachts on the market. We personally do not like when a broker pushes his product down our throats.

I think we have become and will remain friends for a long time after we leave. Debbie and Ed always want to know how we are doing.

In life, sometimes we have good and bad experiences in the purchase of different things. We are often quick at blasting the guy that did badly in a transaction. When people do good … it should also be shouted out loud.

If you need a pre-owned IP … talk to Ed! … he does good and does not bite!”

Danny & Johanne Quinn

Purchasers of Island Packet 40