Irwin Sailboat Seller Expresses Appreciation

When we were ready to sell our 52′ Irwin, we knew exactly who to contact. Nancy Ballard at Whiteaker Yacht Sales has an excellent reputation in St. Petersburg, Florida, and at our marina. And boy are we glad we did!!
Nancy went above and beyond!! I broke my toe a week later and Nancy dove in to help with preparing the boat because I was laid up. I hobbled down the dock one morning and there was Nancy, scrubbing my deck in preparation for a showing that afternoon! And, speaking of showings – WOW! Just a couple of days after we listed the boat with Nancy, there were three showing – in one day! When a mechanical issue arose, Nancy knew just who to call to get it fixed SAME DAY. Amazing!! The best part is, because of Nancy’s devotion to her job, and her assistance while I was laid up, we sold the boat FAR faster than we could have ever dreamed!! We really wanted it sold before the end of the year and it did indeed sell THAT FAST! While our boating days are over (I am not the youngster I used to be), we will be recommending Nancy Ballard at Whiteaker Yacht Sales to all of our mariner friends, and those wishing to become mariners. 🙂
Angela Hoy
Previous owner of Irwin Sailboat, “No Tan Lines”