Happy Island Packet Buyers Thanks to Nancy Ballard

We, Clay and Suzanne Michaels, would like to tell you of our experience buying an Island Packet 38 with Nancy Ballard.  We met Nancy when she was the seller’s agent on an IP we were looking at which turned out not to be the right one for us. While at survey, both we and our surveyor recognized Nancy’s great attitude, people skills, enthusiasm, experience, realism and desire to help.  She understood right away when we hit a sticking point with the boat.  Based on her actions that day we engaged Nancy to serve as our agent helping us look for our right boat.  She identified a number of boats that came close to our wish list and once the virus situation settled down we were able to get on to the boat we ultimately purchased.  The selling agent, and to some extant the seller, provided a number of challenges during our purchase experience where Nancy persevered to get us to what we needed.  Nancy’s complete focus was to help us find the correct boat.  We appreciate greatly Whiteaker and in specific, Nancy Ballard for being all we could hope for in a highly trustworthy agent.  We will not hesitate to recommend her and we will surely call her when we need another boat.
Clay and Suzanne Michaels