Communication for Cruising Sailboats

If your dream is to get away from it all on a cruising sailboat odds are you also have family and friends that you want and need to stay in touch with. Many business people still need to stay in communication with the office and often cruisers have relatives in poor health and need to monitor their health. So unfortunately getting away from it all means also staying in touch. If you are one of these people ready to set sail on your cruising sailboat in addition to other marine communication systems consider a cellular booster or repeater. Both voice and data transmissions can be boosted between your sailboat and land cell towers with the installation of a large antenna and amplifier. The best setup should also have another antenna inside the boat to rebroadcast that signal to devices like IPads or other tablets or computer data cards. Of course this may not work in remote offshore areas but for many cruising sailors it is a good addition to their communication arsenal.