Catalina 320


“Being a bit different from many of Whiteaker’s listings I really didn’t know how good of a job you could do. Many of your listings seem to be of fairly pricy premium boats. I wanted to sell a 32 foot generic 1997 Catalina, one of about a hundred on the national market…a nice boat, but it really didn’t stand out from the crowd.

I listed it myself and tried to sell it for 6 months. After going nowhere, I listed it with a large SE Catalina dealer. Surely they would bring a quick sale! They had it for one year to no avail!

Now what!? I spoke with Gary Monnell and he assured it should be selling with a little attention. He gave me a list of to do’s to enhance its salability. I really don’t know what Gary did, but as an old human resources executive who helped manage national sales forces, I was a firm believer in pay-for-performance. Perform Gary did..he brought a signed contract 55 days after getting the listing! That after me trying to sell it for 180 days and the Catalina dealer for 365 days! I was actually convinced this listing was too stale to bring interest. No clue what they did differently, and I’m not asking……only be assured the performance was there!

This is the only broker I’ll be using in the future!”

Best wishes and warm regards,

Jim & Nancy Delong

Sellers of Catalina 320
Saint Simons Island, GA