Boat Shows

Fall is in the air and Boat Show season is upon us! For sailing enthusiasts it is a great time of year…something we look forward to all year.
There’s nothing like walking down dock after dock and row after row of those beautiful sailboats with all their bright shiny new nautical gear and the latest sailing equipment. If you are a regular attendee of these events then you are sure to bump into old friends – it’s like a reunion of your sailing buddies every year. And of course you almost always make a new sailing friend.
Then there are those tents full of sailing goodies. Who can resist those! You’re always sure to find something your boat or your crew absolutely must have. The sailing seminars and learning opportunities are always plentiful. Even if you have attended some of the seminars before it is always good to refresh your memory and audience questions almost always help to reveal some new boating tip that is sure to be educational.

And there are those wonderful food vendors offering the latest “health food” selections…almost reminds me of those wonderful smells from my childhood days at the annual county fair.
So come on out and enjoy this wonderful time of year. Whether you are already living the cruising sailboat lifestyle, enjoy racing sailboats, or you are still looking for the sailboat of your dreams you are sure to have a very enjoyable day.