Be a “Green” Sailor and stay out on the big “Blue” longer.

Being a “green” sailor isn’t really that hard…consider installing a wind generator. So how do you begin to find the right one? First lets review the basic types of wind generators. Lets start with the smaller quieter six or five blade units. These are great for smaller boats and tend to begin generating power at lower wind speeds. The power output varies but you can expect to get between 20 to 40 amp hours in a 24 hour period. Not a great deal of energy but enough to keep the beer cold.

Next we have the larger diameter 3-blade systems. These units need a sturdy mounting system and are usually a bit more noisy. The plus is you get a greater output especially in high wind situations. You can expect to get up to 100 amp hours per day with these models which can be a great power boost for operating your floating home. Finally you have the big 2-blade generators which require a very sturdy mounting system. Some sailors have gotten inventive and tried mounting these models on a staysail halyard in the foretriangle where they will harness the wind better. Some of these generators will put out 200 amp hours per day in a steady breeze. With one of these units you could be self-sufficient for days. So the good news is there is sure to be a wind generator to fit your needs and budget.

Install a wind generator and be “green” and stay out on the big “blue” longer.