About Island Packet Yachts

Many years of design work and refinement have led to Island Packet’s current models which as with previous Island Packet Yachts offer one of their best known features…the Full Foil Keel.

Integral hull and keel with encapsulated internal ballast for maximum structural integrity and worry-free attachment concerns leads to one of their best known qualities… “Exemplary Safety and Seakeeping”.

Throughout the years Island Packet has been known for evolving and striving to design new models that appeal to sailors who wish to own a yacht that is both easy to operate while providing a safe passage with comfortable handling, comfortable accommodations, particularly nice livability, and massive amounts of storage. Combine all this with winning sail performance that has led to numerous racing victories and you will arrive at “Today’s Island Packet Models”.

When it comes to buying a boat for quality and value, it’s hard to do better than an Island Packet Yacht.  We are proud to have such a loyal following from Island Packet buyers and sellers.

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