Used Bluewater and Coastal Cruising Sailboats for Sale

Used Sailboats for Sale by Whiteaker Yacht Sales
Used Sailboats for Sale
by Whiteaker Yacht Sales

Whiteaker Yacht Sales offers a broad range of sailboats and catamarans. No matter the size or your lifestyle, we will work to find the best possible ownership experience for you.

We offer family oriented well constructed coastal cruisers like Hunter, Catalina, Beneteau, or Jeanneau. If you’re looking for a blue water cruising experience we can help you find the more rugged yachts such as Caliber, Outbound, Tartan, or Pacific Seacraft.

Or maybe you really like the more traditional classics like Tayana, Hans Christian, Morgan, or Pearson. We either already have them or our experienced brokers can help you find them. If your style is the roomy island hopping catamarans like Gemini, Endeavour, Lagoon, or Seawind we can help with that too.

If you’re looking for a yacht broker that you can have a long term lasting relationship with, you’ve come to the right place. Call one of our friendly brokers today and get started on finding the boat of your dreams.

Used Sailboat Listings

2005 - 58 Kasten-Bos and Carr Steel Schooner - "Jennie"

$295,000 - Palmetto, FL

A custom 58' Kasten Bos & Carr Steel Schooner that was designed and equipped for WORLD voyaging on any Ocean. Offers long range cruising in style & safety.

58 Kasten-Bos and Carr
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2007 - 54 Jeanneau Deck Salon - "Busco Viento II"

$449,000 - BVI

A 2007 Jeanneau 54' Deck Salon that has been prepared for a World Cruise with a 2015 extensive re-fit. No expense spared for complete comfort and safety!

54 Jeanneau
"Busco Viento II"
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1977 - 51 Formosa 51 Pilothouse Ketch - "Bella"

$249,000 - Brunswick, GA

A 1977 Formosa 51 Pilothouse Staysail Ketch that has been brought back to exceptional condition with new pilothouse "cap"and cruising features like watermaker, bowthruster, 2 Cruisair systems, great electronics and so much more..

51 Formosa
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1977 - 51 Morgan Out Island 51 - "Amante"

$89,900 - Jacksonville, FL

A well equipped Morgan Out Island 512 that has sailed around the world and is ready to go again! 2 Marine AC units, generator, watermaker, Raymarine electronics and everything you need to go long range cruising now!

51 Morgan
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1986 - 47 Cheoy Lee Pedrick - "Whisper"

$149,500 - Palmetto, FL

This 1986 Cheoy Lee Pedrick has been immaculately kept and constantly upgraded. Ready to set sail with NEW Yanamar turbo engine, bowthruster, radar, autopilot & lots more!

47 Cheoy Lee
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2008 - 46 Outbound 46 - "Fisaga"

$444,900 - British Virgin Islands

This beautiful Outbound 46 is truly a cruising sailboat that will take you around the world in complete comfort. Among her many attributes are Water Maker, Generator, Solar Panels & Wind Generator, Extensive Electronics Package, and Great Sail Inventory.

46 Outbound
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1974 - 46 Durbek 46 - "Mirage"

$124,900 - Bradenton, FL

The Durbek 46 has a fine reputation for sturdy construction and ocean going capability. Engine overhaul, electrical rewiring, Westerbeke generator, air conditioning are just a few of her features.

46 Durbek
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1997 - 46 Chesapeake Buy Boat Replica - "Kelcey Ann"

$69,500 - Tarpon Springs, FL

1997 Replica Chesapeake Buy Boat Motorsailor. Unique, versatile and ready to cruise today.

46 Chesapeake
"Kelcey Ann"
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1998 - 46 Beneteau M 461 - "Ne Oublie Voyager"

$129,985 - Palmetto, FL

A 1998 Beneteau M 461 with 3 cabins for a very comfortable liveaboard or Long range cruiser. Loaded with AC/Heat, autopilot, chartplotter, GPS, NEW Perkins 65HP engine, 10'RIB dinghy and lots more.

46 Beneteau
"Ne Oublie Voyager"
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2000 - 46 Beneteau Oceanis 461 - "Okemah Rose"

$159,900 - Fernandina Beach, FL

This 2000 Beneteau Oceanis 461 has been cruising the Bahamas & Florida seasonally and is ready to keep going! With her new roller furling main and genoa, new full enclosure, & upgraded electronics you will be cruising in comfort and style!

46 Beneteau
"Okemah Rose"
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2008 - 45 Jeanneau Deck Salon - "Tapestry"

$279,900 - Marco Island, FL

A 2008 Jeanneau Deck Salon 45' in immaculate condition, cruising equipped and ready to take you to the destination of your choice! Loaded with low hour Yanmar diesel, generator, NEW electronics, bow thruster, three zone AC system and the list goes on..

45 Jeanneau
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1972 - 45 William Garden Freedom 45 Staysail Ketch - "Bequia Chief"

$137,700 - Brunswick, GA

A 1972 William Garden Freedom 45 Staysail Ketch completely restored from her keel up! Structural wood replaced and reglassed. Mechanical, electrical, structural, and cosmetic issues have been addressed. Read her full specs for details!

45 William Garden
"Bequia Chief"
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2014 - 44 Leopard 44 - "Gail C"

$469,000 - Punta Gorda, FL

This 2014 Leopard 44' is better than new with very low engine & generator hours, Air conditioning, watermaker, solar panels, electric winches and so many more features.. Many warranties are still in effect!

44 Leopard
"Gail C"
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2000 - 44 Outbound 44 - "Farasha"

$379,000 - Ft. Lauderdale

A rare to the market 2000 Outbound 44' that is ready for her next big adventure with solar panels, wind generator, air conditioning, bow thruster and SO much more!

44 Outbound
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1984 - 44 Cal 44 - "Lone Pair"

$144,900 - Palmetto, FL

This One Owner classic Cal 44 is well equipped and ready to take you to the destination of your dreams. Loaded with AC, generator, solar panels, wind generator and SO much more!

44 Cal
"Lone Pair"
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1988 - 44 Mason Cutter - "Rhapsody"

$154,900 - Brunswick, GA

A used 1988 Mason Cutter well maintained with spacious & comfortable cruising layout & loaded with long range cruising gear like AC, generator, nice electronics, Loads of storage space.

44 Mason
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1981 - 44 Spencer Cutter Ketch - "Swell Horizon"

$115,000 - Brunswick, GA

A 1981 Spencer Cutter Ketch known to be a fast, powerful, offshore passage maker that is loaded with cruising gear and ready to sail away today!

44 Spencer
"Swell Horizon"
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1980 - 42 Whitby 42 - "Maya"

$90,000 - St. Mary's, GA

A 1980 Classic Ted Brewer Design, The Whitby 42' is a spacious, blue water cruiser with an easily handled ketch rig, generous storage, great electronics, new batteries and much more.

42 Whitby
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1991 - 42 Hunter Passage 42 - "Sensei"

$94,900 - Jacksonville, FL

The Passage 42 is a spacious yacht with modern design and is considered the "flagship" of the Hunter cruising line. Sen Sei is equipped to allow you to cruise in comfort for months with 2 AC units, Westerbeke genset, nice electronics and more!

42 Hunter
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1990 - 42 Tayana Vancouver Pilothouse - "Jubilee"

$134,900 - Brunswick, GA

A beautiful 42' Tayana Vancouver Pilothouse Sailboat just meant for the cruising lifestyle. This boat would be a great live aboard boat, island hopper, or around-the-world cruising.

42 Tayana Vancouver
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2004 - 41 Hunter 41 AC - "Painkiller"

$149,500 - Beaufort, SC

A well-maintained 2004 Hunter 41 AC with several recent upgrades, which include: 2 new solar panels, new wind generator, new dinghy, new 3-blade prop, and much more! See the full listing for details.

41 Hunter
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2005 - 41 Hunter 41 Aft Cockpit - "Dream Boat"

$144,900 - Brunswick, GA

This 2005 Hunter 41 Aft Cockpit has been lightly used and well maintained and is cruise-ready now. Dual AC systems, generator, bow thruster, dinghy with outboard & fresh bottom paint are just a FEW of all the highlights she has to offer!

41 Hunter
"Dream Boat"
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1989 - 41 Morgan Classic Catalina - "Gertrude"

$74,900 - Beaufort, SC

A 1989 Morgan Classic Catalina 41' that has proven herself with 2 Atlantic crossings. Equipped with 2 AC units, Autopilot, chartplotter, EPIRB and lots more.

41 Morgan
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1973 - 41 CT Cutter Rigged Ketch - "Content"

$119,900 - Brunswick, GA

A 1973 CT Cutter rigged ketch that has been completely refit with world cruising in mind. Custom sails, watermaker, DC generator, solar panels, autopilot, chartplotter are just a few of her upgrades!

41 CT
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1983 - 40 TaShing Baba 40 - "Windfree"

$125,900 - Cruising Florida

A 1983 TaShing Baba 40 well known in the Bluewater Sailing Community, exceptionally well maintained with beautiful solid teak interior, loaded with cruising gear and ready to sail away today to favorite destination!

40 TaShing Baba
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1961 - 40 Hinckley Bermuda 40' - "Sabrina"

$87,500 - Beaufort, SC

A True Classic 1961 Hinckley Bermuda 40', constantly updated & maintained with fresh bottom paint, all new interior LED lighting, new refrigeration, new batteries and so much more..

40 Hinckley
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1989 - 39 Pearson 39-2 - "Out of Oz"

$69,900 - Palmetto, FL

A 1989 Pearson 39-2 that is well equipped and maintained and ready to take you to the Caribbean and beyond!

39 Pearson
"Out of Oz"
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2002 - 39 Beneteau 393 - "Nani Kai"

$117,000 - St. Pete Beach, FL

This exceptionally well maintained Beneteau 393 is loaded with cruising gear and also features NEW davits, NEW solar panel, NEW refrigeration and NEW batteries. Ready to sail away today!

39 Beneteau
"Nani Kai"
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1985 - 39 Grand Soleil GS39 Cruiser - "Vai Vai"

$78,500 - Miami, FL

The Grand Soleil 39 is a known performance cruiser built for comfort and speed. She is equipped with spacious srorage, autopilot, chartplotter and so much more.

39 Grand Soleil
"Vai Vai"
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1981 - 39 Gulfstar Sailmaster - "Scenario Sea"

$54,900 - Palmetto, FL

A 1981 Gulfstar 39' Sailmaster with it's unique design offers a spacious airy feeeling. AC system,new cusions & upholstery, New chartplotter are just a few perks that make her READY to go!

39 Gulfstar
"Scenario Sea"
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1975 - 38 Alajuela 38 Cutter - "Maya"

$64,510 - St. Petersburg

A used Alajuela 38 Cutter Rigged with tons of charm and character. Equipped with nice electronics, Electric windlass w/ remote, Propane heat, New water heater and lots more.

38 Alajuela
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1982 - 38 Morgan 383 - "Running Tide"

$44,000 - Bradenton, FL

A 1982 Morgan 383 ready to go cruising now with new bimini and windows, new main sail, chartplotter, ample storage and lots more.

38 Morgan
"Running Tide"
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1983 - 38 Irwin Center Cockpit - "Moteus"

$53,000 - Lady's Island

A used, ONE OWNER Irwin 38' Center Cockpit that has been continuously maintained & loaded with cruising necessities like AC/Heat, generator, bimini with full enclosure and nice electronics package

38 Irwin
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1967 - 38 Nordia Van Dam 38 - "Vitte III"

$32,000 - Palmetto, FL

PRICE REDUCTION!!! A 1967 Nordia Van Dam 38. Unique steel hull, masthead sloop design. Several recent electronic upgrades! Great for cruising in the northern or southern seas. Circumnavigated the globe twice!

38 Nordia
"Vitte III"
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1983 - 37 Tayana 37 Cutter - "Ariel at Home"

$79,900 - Brunswick, GA

This Tayana 37' Cutter is equipped with a 2007 Yanmar diesel engine, exceptional storage, full cockpit enclosure, wind generator and lots more..

37 Tayana
"Ariel at Home"
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2004 - 37 Tartan 3700 Shoal Draft - "Black Pearl"

$187,000 - Brunswick, GA

A 2004 Tartan 3700 Shoal draft known for her beautiful design & spacious inviting interior is also equipped to go the distance with Reverse cycle AC/heat, autopilot, chartplotter and lots more..

37 Tartan
"Black Pearl"
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1975 - 36 Cascade 36 - "Najimi"

$32,900 - Ft. Lauderdale

A well found and well priced 1975 Cascade 36' ready to sail the Bahamas and beyond!

36 Cascade
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1981 - 36 Pearson 365 Ketch - "Anahata"

$35,000 - St. Mary's, GA

A 1981 Pearson 365 Ketch cruise ready with AC, GPS/chartplotter, autopilot, wind generator and more.

36 Pearson
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1979 - 35 TaShing Baba 35 - "Linnea"

$74,900 - Ft. Myers, FL

A 1979 Baba 35' that is very well maintained and never salt water until 2013..with reverse cycle AC, New dodger & bimini, New interior Sunbrella, chartplotter, autopilot and more..

35 TaShing Baba
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2004 - 35 Hunter 356

$79,945 - Palmetto, FL

This lightly used 2004 Hunter 356 is turn key ready with AC, autopilot, in-mast furling main, and so much more. A very roomy boat that is easily single handed.

35 Hunter
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1990 - 34 Catalina MK II - "Sophie Rose"

$44,900 - Punta Gorda, FL

Nice example of the Catalina MK II 34'. This boat is a great coastal cruiser, equipped with marine air conditioning, new Bimini and Dodger, and very well maintained.

34 Catalina
"Sophie Rose"
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1993 - 33 Nonsuch 33 - "Semper Fi"

$87,500 - Dataw Island, SC

A 1993 Nonsuch 33' by Hinterhoeller with the preferable open plan. Loaded with cruising gear and ready to sail today.

33 Nonsuch
"Semper Fi"
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1994 - 32 Catalina 320 - "Dance Aweigh"

$49,900 - Beaufort, SC

A 1994 Catalina 320 with low hour Yanmar diesel, Chartplotter, autopilot, well maintained and ready to take you sailing today.

32 Catalina
"Dance Aweigh"
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1986 - 31 Cape George 31 Cutter - "Gray Seal"

$125,000 - Palmetto, FL

A Classic 1986 Cape George Cutter that was completely finished at the factory showing excellent craftsmanship and finish. Stable in rough seas yet sails remarkably well in light air.

31 Cape George
"Gray Seal"
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1989 - 30 Hinterhoeller Nonsuch Ultra - "Serenity II"

$54,900 - Gulfport, FL

A 1989 Hinterhoeller Nonsuch Ultra that is known for its design to create a sturdy, fast family sailboat that is easily handled (&raced!) with no crew. Immaculately maintained & ready to cruise with increased water and fuel tankage, new sail and stack pack, composting head and so much more!

30 Hinterhoeller
"Serenity II"
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